How To Discover and Understand Your Ideal Listener

Last week, I wrote about your podcast’s ideal listener and why it’s important to understand them. This week, let’s talk about how to discover and create that ideal listener avatar. An avatar is representation of the characteristics that make up your ideal listener. Understanding your ideal listener will and should drive everything to do with…More

Who Is The Ideal Listener For Your Podcast (And Why This Matters)?

To jumpstart your podcast, it is important to discover and understand your audience. Your ideal listener is an avatar that represents the perfect listener of your podcast. This is a person who wants and needs the exact podcast that you are producing. It is not your only listener avatar, just your ideal one. Understanding your…More

What Every African Podcaster Should Know About Anchor.

This article was first published on the 17th of August 2020 at Pods4Africa ******* A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how many new African podcaster are leaning towards Anchor as their “starter” host and distributor over Soundcloud. For a long time, Soundcloud was the first-choice for new podcasters on the continent, and the new (circa…More

What To Look For In A Podcast Producer.

Are you looking for a podcast producer? In 2021, I have had a lot of enquiries from people looking for a podcast producer. The requests have come from new podcasters, established podcasters, organizations and more. But due to my schedule, I often have to say no. Recently, I have noticed that most of the requests…More

“In Africa, Podcasting Is An Elitist Medium.”

I was recently in a meeting in which I was helping a local organization build a podcast training curriculum for their employees. One of the other trainers, who is well-versed in the local media landscape said something that gave me pause. “At this time, podcasting is still an elitist medium in Africa.” I flinched… mostly…More

Three New Innovations In Audio That Will Affect African Podcasters (Feat. Facebook, Apple & Twitter)

Sometimes there is news in the podcasting space that doesn’t necessarily affect African or developing market podcasters. Announcements like this are a big example. But the month of April has been an interesting time for podcast tech announcements that actually could have an impact on the African continent. If the arrival of Spotify earlier this…More

African Journalists Should Be Podcasting. Here’s Why.

One of the African podcasting trends that I have struggled to explain is the slow uptake of podcasting by journalism entities on the continent. Despite journalism and podcasting being extremely well-matched, African journalists have not  really been part of the growth and revolution of podcasting. As a former journalist myself, I am particularly surprised at…More

Questions From My Students: Should I Put My Podcast On YouTube?

I teach a 10-week podcasting course called Podcast From Scratch that teaches you the fundamentals, skills and strategies to launch your podcast with clarity and confidence. Every now and then I’ll share with you questions that my students ask me.  Recently, my current cohort of students went through the Hosting & Distribution module of my…More

The 3 Most Common Causes Of Death For African Podcasts 

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how Africans can start their podcasts. So I also wanted to talk about why they stop podcasting! Indeed, there are many African podcasts—many of which had exciting and promising launches—that eventually came sputtering to a halt! If these are podcasts that are lucky enough to have developed…More

‘The Comb’: An Interview with Kim Chakanetsa, Host of the BBC’s First Africa Podcast.

This week, I am knee-deep in judging the BBC World Service’s first international podcast competition, which is looking to find and create the next great African podcast. So it seemed like the right time to bring back this interview with Kim Chakanetsa, the host of BBC Africa’s flagship podcast, “The Comb.” This interview was first…More


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