Questions To Ask When No One Is Listening To Your Podcast.

Picture this: you’ve launched your podcast and consistently put out at least 25 new episodes episodes.

But it seems like no matter what you do, the listenership is not growing.

So  what should you do now? 

It’s key to note that podcast discoverability, which is the ability for a random person to find your podcast, is hard. It’s not easy for a person to just stumble upon your podcast. So here are questions you should ask yourself if you’re not seeing listener growth:

Zero Listeners Is information. Use It As A Data Point

Zero to few listeners is the starting point. You should know that you can always improve from here. Commit to finding out why no one is listening, making the necessary changes, and having the patience to put a strategy into place. So be encouraged that this can change, if you are willing to make the changes.

Audit Your Numbers (All Your Numbers)

It’s time to look at your numbers. Print out your podcast stats from your hosting platform  and spend time analyzing them. What information can you gain from them? What  were the top episodes? Why were they the top episodes?  What surprised you? What didn’t surprise you? Do you have return listeners?  Can you gauge who is listening? Why are they listening? The answers to some of these questions should help you decide what direction you should take next!

After that,  go grab the stats to do with your podcast’s social media. What  do those numbers also tell you about your podcast?

Need a professional podcast audit?  If you want something more in-depth, I do provide VIP audit sessions for podcasters to help discover areas of improvement and then build the appropriate strategy for them. Reach out to me.

Who Is Your Podcast For and Is It Serving Them?

Being clear about your ideal listener will help drive your editorial content. Knowing your ideal listener will also help you figure out a strategy on how to  exactly reach them to grow your listenership. If you don’t know who your ideal listener is, it is time to get to work to figure that out and get necessary feedback from them. Check out this post and this post to get started.

Are You Promoting Your Podcast?

You might be surprised how many people are not doing enough to promote their podcasts. You need to put yourself out there!

Is Your Content Actually Good?

This is a hard question to answer, but I have to ask: Is your content actually good? Is it content that people–outside your core group of friends and family–would want to listen to? Does it educate, entertain, inspire, or build connections? Content will always be king, so you might also want to consider what would make your content stronger to  attract  and keep  more listeners.

Asking yourselves these questions are a great starting point to improve your podcast and grow listeners.  Again, you should consider that the advice I have shared only applies to you if you are consistently putting out content.

If consistency is an issue, get that part of your podcast schedule sorted first! It’s hard to diagnose issues without consistent output.  My latest free guide, “Podcast Tips That Won’t Leave You Broke Or Overwhelmed“, is a great starting point.

Also, it’s also hard to diagnose issues if you’ve only put out less than 25 episodes as you need to give your podcast time to build momentum.

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