What To Look For In A Podcast Producer.

Are you looking for a podcast producer?

In 2021, I have had a lot of enquiries from people looking for a podcast producer. The requests have come from new podcasters, established podcasters, organizations and more. But due to my schedule, I often have to say no.

Recently, I have noticed that most of the requests coming my way involve fixing whole productions that started without me, but need me to get to the finish line. When I am called to do this, it is usually because the producer before me has been fired for various reasons, including lack of delivery, lack of skill set, missing deadlines, miscommunication and more.

Fixing a production usually takes much more time and money than if you had the right producer in place from the start. So here is a list of what you should be looking for when looking to hire a podcast producer:

Are you being realistic about your expectations?
Podcast production is A LOT of work, the parameters of which are often misunderstood . Before you even consider looking for a producer, you have to be realistic about what you are asking. If you want someone to plan your episodes, do your bookings, record your podcast (audio and video), edit your podcasts (audio and video), perform the upload rites, and work on your podcast promotion (social media) as well…are you willing to hire them full time and pay them accordingly? In this description alone, I shared at least 8 different pretty specialized skill sets. It is not possible for one person to take on all these roles and do them well. Go check out the credits of your favorite podcasts. There is usually some form of a team behind the production, so be realistic about what you expect from your single producer.

Do they meet your podcast parameters and goals?
Once you have come up with specific expectations of your producer, be diligent in investigating whether or not the person you want to work with can actually do the work. A lot of the clients who come to me to clean up their projects often complain that the previous producer “said he/she could do it.” Sure, but how did you verify that fact to be true? Be diligent in verifying this because it will save you money, time and headache.

How is their professionalism?
Do they communicate well? Do they make deadlines? Is the final product what they promised? Do they take on your feedback? The technical work of your podcast is not the only thing you need to hire for. Make sure they are professional in their work and delivery. Ask for references to verify.

Does their rate fit your budget? 
Good producers are not cheap. So you often get what you pay for (although there are bad producers who are also pricey!!). But you also have to make sure that the producer you want to work with fits your budget. I talk about the need to budget for your podcast in my FREE GUIDE, so make sure you can actually afford to take on a producer. If you don’t consider this, your podcast will be short lived .

That’s my list. For those of you looking for a podcast producer, what are you looking for? And for those of you working with one, tell us what you like about working with your producer.

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