Questions From My Students: Should I Put My Podcast On YouTube?

I teach a 10-week podcasting course called Podcast From Scratch that teaches you the fundamentals, skills and strategies to launch your podcast with clarity and confidence. Every now and then I’ll share with you questions that my students ask me. 

Recently, my current cohort of students went through the Hosting & Distribution module of my course.  One student asked whether she should have her podcast on Youtube.

My answer: Yes…but.

Hear me out!

Yes, Every African podcaster should have their podcast on YouTube. 
YouTube is one of the world’s largest search engines. Africans, by far, are more likely to log-on to  YouTube than Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or any other podcasting platform, so YouTube is an extremely important platform to find new listeners and for new listeners to find you.

But …You Shouldn’t Get Caught Up About Appearing On Camera
Many podcasters assume that putting their podcast on YouTube means that they have to appear on camera. That’s not the case at all!

Although on-camera video is an added-value component to your podcast, I do think it should be an advanced podcast strategy. If you are a new podcaster, I am actually hesitant recommending that you start with being on-camera because this means additional time and money.

If you read my post about the 3 Most Common Causes Of Death For African Podcasts , the lack of time and the lack of money were two of the main culprits. And unless you have an abundance of time and money, I recommend waiting to add an on-camera video component to your podcast . 

Instead upload your podcast audio to YouTube with a visually-appealing cover image
This is a great starter YouTube strategy for podcasters. You can choose to either upload full podcast episodes or the most ear-catching clips. Either way, you want to reach new audiences and invite them to listen to your podcast.

So, start with the basics of putting your podcast audio on YouTube and then when you are ready, you can upgrade to providing an on-camera video component!

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