The 3 Most Common Causes Of Death For African Podcasts 

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how Africans can start their podcasts. So I also wanted to talk about why they stop podcasting!

Indeed, there are many African podcasts—many of which had exciting and promising launches—that eventually came sputtering to a halt!

If these are podcasts that are lucky enough to have developed a consistent audience, it can be a shock for the listener to suddenly have a show they love stop releasing episodes—especially if the podcast ended with no warning.

But I have noticed a pattern as to why African podcasters tend to give up on their podcasts. I, myself, have run into and had to overcome them. By listing these three main culprits below, I hope it helps those of you new to podcasting to avoid these mistakes.

Let’s jump in to the three reasons African podcasters stop podcasting!

Lack of time
Every single podcaster you meet will lament at how much time it takes to put together a podcast. The amount of man-hours it takes to produce a podcast is often the biggest surprise to new podcasters, especially once you realize that creating a podcast goes way beyond just hitting record!

If you have not appropriately set aside enough time to work on your podcast, you’ll find your podcast competing— rather than complimenting— your life. 

And when your podcast competes for your time, that’s when most podcasters stop showing up!

Lack  of money 
I’ve said it before in previous posts, it is easy to get carried away with your spending when it comes to launching your podcast. And if you are shelling out money each time you have to put out an episode, then eventually your podcast will become too expensive for you to sustain.

That’s why lack of funds is also a big reason many podcasters stop.

Lack of patience
I am a culprit of this one. After I released my podcast, I was expecting immediate success!! I was confused why I didn’t have thousands of listeners and an advertiser after two episodes!

Like me, there are podcasters who are only a couple of episodes into their podcast and expecting immediate results. And when they don’t have these results, they become discouraged and stop!

That, my friend, is delusional!

Unless you already have a strong following (i.e. you are an influencer or celebrity), it’ll take some time to develop your audience. And this particular skill can take some time to establish.

Also, even if you have a big social media following, those numbers might not always translate to your podcast.

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