The Hardest Lesson For New Podcasters To Learn. [Plus a challenge for YOU!]

I am always in awe of podcasters who don’t follow a seasonal release schedule*, YET are able to consistently put out their content on schedule!

To me, those people are superstars.

Why? Because that means they have a solid handling of the planning and scheduling of their podcast, which also likely shows up in the rest of their lives.

The hardest lesson for new podcasters to learn? Consistency.

Planning and scheduling your podcast in a way that complements your life—rather than competes with it—is one of the hardest things many podcasters have to overcome. By failing to do so, you’ll drop your episodes inconsistently and lose your audience’s trust.

That’s why consistency is one of the hardest barriers podcasters have to overcome as they begin their journey. It’s something I struggle with too!

So here is my challenge to new and established podcasters reading this: Commit to releasing the next 20 episodes of your podcast as scheduled—no excuses!

  • If you have a daily podcast, this means the next 3 weeks of content
  • If you have a weekly podcast, this means the next 5 months of content
  • If you have a bi-monthly podcast, this means the next 10 months of content
  • And if you have a monthly podcast, this will cover you for the next year and a half.

It’ll take some planning and maneuvering but you’ll soon find a routine that works for you.

Everytime you’re able to put out an episode on schedule, tag me on Twitter and Instagram (and give me a follow while you’re there). I’d love to follow your journey!

So as you start your podcast journey, remember to consider how you can set up your life to ensure you remain consistent and committed to your release schedule.

*releasing podcast episodes by seasons rather than year-round releases

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