Why 2021 is the year to start your podcast!

(This blog post was first published in January 2021)

We made it to 2021. Imagine that!

Now that we are in the New Year with new goals, new intentions and a fresh start, does that also include your podcast?

2020 was a great year for podcasts, especially if you live on the continent. The African podcasting space is growing fast and furious and 2021 is going to be another banner year. I am extremely confident about this.

Why? Here are 4 reasons:

  • More Podcasts Than Ever: There were 1,038,191 new podcasts launched in 2020, according to MyPodcastReviews. The busiest month for new shows was JuneNow, I don’t know how much of that number includes podcasts from Africa. But it shows that despite the gigantic number of podcasts out there, there’s still room for more to come.

Why not make your upcoming podcast part of the 2021 newcomers?

Don’t you want to be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Podcast Advertising Is On The Rise: In the last quarter of 2020, I worked with two corporate clients to help them dive into podcast advertising with major continent-wide campaigns. These clients came to me unsolicited, showing me that the shift towards monetization of African podcasts might move in a big way in 2021. This means the opportunities around MAKING MONEY FROM YOUR PODCAST are also shifting.

Wouldn’t you like to have a podcast that makes you some extra cash?

  • African Podcasts Are Expanding In Listenership: For those who don’t believe African podcasts can pull in the numbers, one of East Africa’s top podcasts will show you otherwise. Late last year, Adelle Onyango of the Legally Clueless podcast (Kenya) crossed 1 million downloads in just under 2 years. I’m not sure if she is the first Kenyan or even African podcasr to cross that milestone, but her success is a great indicator of what’s to come and what is possible.

Are you ready to build a loyal audience that is fascinated by your content?

So what does all this mean for YOU?

If you have yet to launch your podcast, the time is now! The industry is changing extremely fast, and when it comes down to it, you do not want to get left behind.

I hope you’ll make 2021 your podcast debut year. If you want to get weekly updates on lessons and news in African podcasting, why not follow my newsletter? You can sign up for it here!

Happy New Year

Paula, the Podcast Shuri

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