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Questions To Ask When No One Is Listening To Your Podcast.

Picture this: you’ve launched your podcast and consistently put out at least 25 new episodes episodes. But it seems like no matter what you do, the listenership is not growing. So  what should you do now?  It’s key to note that podcast discoverability, which is the ability for a random person to find your podcast,…More

How To Discover and Understand Your Ideal Listener

Last week, I wrote about your podcast’s ideal listener and why it’s important to understand them. This week, let’s talk about how to discover and create that ideal listener avatar. An avatar is representation of the characteristics that make up your ideal listener. Understanding your ideal listener will and should drive everything to do with…More

Who Is The Ideal Listener For Your Podcast (And Why This Matters)?

To jumpstart your podcast, it is important to discover and understand your audience. Your ideal listener is an avatar that represents the perfect listener of your podcast. This is a person who wants and needs the exact podcast that you are producing. It is not your only listener avatar, just your ideal one. Understanding your…More